Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Light in the Fog

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The fog was thick as Sam slid into the driver's seat of  his car and began driving home from work. It was so thick in fact that he could only see a few feet ahead. As he crept slowly along he was able to spot the taillights of a car in front of him. “This guy is moving pretty well, I’ll just follow him until we get out of this mess.” He thought to himself. The two moved slowly down the road turning corners and making progress. Then all of a sudden the car in front came to a full quick stop. “Crash!” Sam’s car plowed into the back of the one in front.

Sam was furious. He exited his car and yelled at the guy in front. “Why did you stop all of a sudden like that?” You knew I was behind you! The man who had exited his car quietly turned to Sam and said, “I don’t know where you were going mister, but I’m in my own driveway!”

Life has many directions and turns that make it difficult. At times we get lost and look for direction from different sources. Sometimes the direction we go is the right way. Then again, there are times we make bad decisions. There are times we follow the wrong crowd.

One of the biggest decisions we make is who we are going to be around. With what type of people do we associate? Are they people of integrity and good character who will help us in life? Are they people who are lost themselves? Are they people out for the good of others or people out for only what they can get for themselves?

The tough part is that we are often in a fog. We feel we’re okay when we really can’t see what is happening around us. Then we crash and it’s not until then that we realize the mistake we’ve made. Fortunately, most of the time we can recover and get back on the right road, but often the damage has been done and is difficult to repair.

There is one light, however, that we can always depend on to lead us in the right direction; One light that will help us through the twists and turns we cannot see in the fog; One light that can bring us safely home.

That light is Jesus who simply said, “I am the light of the world”.

So next time you feel that your life is in the middle of a fog, look for the true light. If we follow him we receive the promise that “Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life."

So now, back out of the driveway and get back on the road, but his time watch out who you''re following.

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